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2015 Logs

Apr. 17th, 2015 04:48 pm
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April 17
traded assassin08, janken11, olive14, sew19, thebrain15 for fugaku12, namekian02, lily17, shouryuuken16, and yoga15 with adurotum
traded batanima16, beastman09, kekkai12, moonwalker09, moonwalker17, recruit04, tao05 for dead center12, dragon16, fugaku14, karasuno18, kicking04, mallet14, lily05, and solid script14 with canute

received deadcenter08 from vethica
traded akagami11, aokiji13, avenge19, black15, blocker20, cascade04, cure16, dattebayo14, dynames05, ero-cook14, experience01, frown09, hazard07, heavyarms06, mineral16, mythical17, sand09, sand12, sharingan01, sisters11, skeleton08, sommelier03, wandering19 for Bonds07, Conquer03, Dead Center05, Dragon18, Dragon20, Exceed17, Hawk Eyes13, Hawk Eyes15, Iron Dragon02, Lily06, Namekian07, Polar Bear01, Polar Bear03, Polar Bear20, Resemblance12, Rubber10, Rubber18, Skeleton19, Sound Pod10, Solid Script18, and Sunflower04 with scblakdragon

 April 18
traded bride07, castle05, intelligent02, lateshift18, nightmare20, tokunaga07, wine12 for cola03, cola18, mayonnaise20, deadcenter10, irondragon01, master03, namekian15 with fall
traded blackblood20, brickbreak02, fix14, vincent11, and watergun18 for neko-neko11, marimo12, conquer19, deadcenter02, and fugaku07 with aaveplsgo
traded mochi14 for jindujun14 with zeittari
traded canaan08, distance03, doll20, morning20, octal17, valvrave10 for cola02, bonds03, deadcenter03, irondragon11, jindujun16, raijinshuu02 with needles
traded arcana04, griefseed13 for keyboard10 and taurus05 with eonflamewing
traded cascade04, snowfairy01 and saturn11 for lily07, Anti-Hero20 and Refreshing14 with fortuneparty

April 20
traded chemist17, hellgirl17 and teamaqua10 for ayesir10, solidscript14, president18 with dialny
traded damsel14, fashion03, eyeignite08, headmaster16, katamari03, nightmare03, ramen08, seahorse04 for conquer01, conquer06, exceed12, namekian09, raijinshuu16, shouryuuken13, soundpod02, vengeance05 with dialny
traded icecar11, icecar15 for rubber05 and sexta02 with koohii

April 21
traded ciaossu02, ironheart07, outdated12 & stealing12 for cola04, president04, mayonnaise18, and exceed03 with moon_wolf

April 22
traded citro04, citro10, collected08, honest03, shadowless12, wind16 for solidscript17, neko-neko19, anti-hero03, massacre04, namekian13, sunflower17 with gammacrank

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January 1
traded cabbage01 for magnet16 with kyousuke
Advent Calendar 16

January 2
traded gamer05, kiseru19, lowee06, remaining07, secretary14, sparrow06, and unborn15 for Conquer05, Hadouken08, Impossible14, Mayonnaise09, Mayonnaise17, Resemblance17, Sexta08 with utsuwa
traded nightshade08, irises06, electricity15, territory07, boke01, ruler15, rush10 and america14 for deadcenter14, blade13, leo02, memory13, polytechnic04, punk12, valkyrie18, wushu11 with dialny
traded babyfox03 and leraje10 for champloo09 and mayonnaise08 with utsuwa
traded psycholohy15 for deer04 with dialny
traded dyaus19 for cola10 with estamir
= end of sketchpad 1 =
traded incite14 for deer11 with estamir
traded endurance10 and traveler07 for rubber16 and hadouken20 with acperience
 traded icequeen17, cabbage14, hyourinmaru16, wired06 for dead center09, Shoryuuken02, Saiko03, and Polar Bear17 with oriaon
traded effort09, luckystars06, sisters13, sopheria19, tasla07 for zeref07, moron14, protect01, sand09, and skirt11 with laurant
traded hatchin15, empress14, rebel04, tianzi08, zero12 for drums19, hall monitor13, parents15, pipi09, and sweat01 with darjeeling
traded aries06, impostors08, megaten17 for busty15, comedy20, and france01 with apprivoiser
= end of sketchpad 2 =
traded promiscuous02, spunquel19 and tsukihime03 for nice boat05, right eye18, tomb20 with apprivoiser
traded waiting05 and cheese07 with deer05 and namekian19 with fall
traded zeref08 for rukh09 with hoppip
traded servbots03 and tomochin17 for  Jinjudun07 and Jindujun18 with preternatural
traded  crybaby16, nanyatte19, and seconds18 for cola07, deer09, and hebihime11 with octillerys
traded amnesiac08 and kattobing12 for proud05 and sound pod15 with aurorawing
traded mati16, bad luck09, ng records14, nephew13 for Cool02, Krita-Yuga05, Nice09, and Obey15 with points
traded backstroke07, kou13, and wickedeye02 for Aquarius13, Finland03, and Leopard06 rubatosis
= end of sketchpad 3 =
traded belarus04, china01, kicking01, mask12, neshitteru19, and wizard20 for Rubber01, Raijinshuu04, Raijinshuu12, Sky King06, Order16, Worry14 with hamiltonian
traded flame17 and 75th18 for bomb18 and old19 with secretambition
traded catalyst11, crybaby16, poisonivy06 for bomb04, bonds11, master18 with beccastareyes
Go Fish! 158
Advent Calendar 12
Host Club Giveaway 77
Advent Calendar 24

January 3
traded macaroon19 for mayonnaise19 with poland
Advent Calendar 13
A Challenger Appears 7

January 4
traded messenger17 and zero12 for cola19 and marimo11 with ryner

January 5
traded doujin09, gero16, nanamin01 and reyntime06 for woodpecker15, mayonnaise03, perm20 and room02 with triacedia
Seiyuu Guess 151

January 8
Pot of Gold 37

January 9
traded fogtroupe20, griefseed13 for aries03, aries11 with mllelaurel 
= end of sketchpad 4 =
traded paopufruit16 and oyajijokes06 for vengeance07, and Ciaossu02 with mllelaurel 
traded tomb18, tomb20, and torture08 for trapnest11, Shoryuuken10, Witch Hunter16 with hamiltonian 

January 10
traded copying03 for rain01 with adurotum
traded grappler19 and psyqualia09 for Secretary13 and Rude11 with kenya

January 14
Recycled Art 

January 15
Art Lessons with Rukia 163
Go Fish! 160 

January 17
Conan's Clues 178

January 18
Art Shop

Mastery Turn in

January 19
Delete Shiritori with Medaka 16
Issac and Miria's Costume Party 179
Spare Part 142
Naze's Remodeling Station 08

January 20
Guess the Color 153
Rolling Down the UMN 7
traded weakness02 for yoga08 with kyousuke

 January 25
Pick a Color 84

January 26
traded floating14, forest08, repair02, and repair19 for zeref17, collector03, collector05, bonds04 with aaveplsgo
traded loveletter08, nyo20 for strip19 and bonds20 with teto

January 27
Shadow Watching With Shikamaru 152

January 29
traded sociopath02 for neko neko01 with empanadas
traded fogtroupe20, graveryl10, tartarus13 for rain04, deadcenter20, vengeance01 with adurotum
traded utahime14 and a red crayon for sexta20 and blue crayon with apprivoiser
= end of sketchpad 5 =
traded noheart07, 
tachikaze08, swordswoman06, revenge18, piccolo03 for rubber17,  impulsive02, male13, mechanical01, orbs10 with lanvaldear
traded endoscopy13, caduceus13 and heartereki18 for mayonnaise04, Doll20 and Ciaossu08 with preternatural
traded damsel14, trace11 for raijinshuu20 and namekian04 with prisma
traded council08 for indian08 with swagu
traded aries11, kaitou14, nonchalant06, scepter418 for Bossun05, Fashion03, Kicking14, Maschera08 with headset
traded cybele01, haughty14, recall01, seventh08, seventh09 for aye sir01, raijinshuu09, shocking16, sound pod05, and witness03 with kues
= end of sketchpad 6 =
traded scepter418, expelled05, kali-yuga07, and kali-yuga10 for zeref14, vengeance07, sound pod14, and bonds10 with minteaprince
traded autozam08 & curryudon14 for irondragon19 & sexta05 with kuranosuke

January 30
automail03, transfer16, heiress01 and conclusions13 and yellow crayon for blue crayon, Golem14, Guilty09, Timid18, and Troy11 with oktarose
Level Up to Tangerine 
Host Club Giveaway 79 

January 31
Recycled Art
traded cetra15, krita-yuga12, vino16, whisker19 for zeref02, bomb12, iron dragon09, vengeance06 with admiral 
Colors Chat 6

February 03
Kiss the Cook 08

February 05
Read Between the Lines 94 & 95

February 06
traded hatter02, potato09 for Fix14 and Sexta13 with estamir
 Conan's Clues 181

February 7
Art Shop
traded aerialace01, alexandria08, earthquake15, liberation13 for Bonds08, Fugaku11, Lily11, and Lily13 with miyoungie 
= end of sketchpad 7 =

February 8

February 10
Art Shop
Spare Parts 145
Mastery Reward
Delete Shiritori with Medaka 19
Recycled Art
Crazy Colors 69
Shadow Watching 155
Guess the Color 156
traded code0417 and azuresky10 for zeref11 and shouryuuken19 with minteaprince

Delete Shiritori with Medaka 20
Host Club Giveaway 80
Seiyuu Guess 157

 February 15
Art Shop

February 16
Mastery Reward

February 17
traded hallmonitor13 for hebihime13 with kyousuke 
traded g-8901 and circus16 for cola09 and kitsune03 with rollinghero

February 19
Naze's Remodeling Station 10 
Rolling Down the UMN 9

February 20
Help Miss Kamila 20
 traded funyarinpa18, ironheart07, talking13 for Duty15, Icy12, and Lovers16 with cautiousardent
traded sukonbu07 and original11 for mayonnaise15 and nightmare20 with lewin


February 21
Conan's Clues 183

February 22
Mastery Reward
Pick a Color 86

February 23
traded mechanical01, porcupine11 for solid script19 and skeleton06 with headset

February 24
Seiyuu Guess 159

February 25
Level Lemon

March 08
Pick a Color 87

March 09
traded bravery20 for dead center04 with adurotum
traded bum01 for raijinshuu06 with utsuwa
traded goodnight01 and viina03 for lily20 and room05 with headset
traded carrot01 for rubber06 with cardioid
traded goldwyvern15 for neko-neko20 with scaleless
traded create18 for conquer16 with harukami
traded mauryuu03, maouryuu11 for experience01 and masculine18 with beccastareyes

March 10
traded spare05, lily12, and lily18 for namekian18, sevendays09 and mecurial09 with apprivoiser
traded invader18 for jindujun08 with cendol
traded ambitions20 for solid script11 with estamir
traded pc-9807, finalturn02, greathorn20, jkd12, masked06 for extreme09, jindujun11, massacre11, soundpod12, and neko-neko07 with hyoga

traded cheater08, cell phone14, green eyes12, odessa12, odessa13, nightmare20 for neko-neko10, exceed05, extreme01, fugaku15, fugaku17, rubber19 with triacedia
Recycled Art
Naze's Remodeling Station 11
Delete Shiritori With Medaka 23

March 11
Guess the Color 160
Spare Parts 149
Colors Chat 09

March 12
Reading Between the Lines 99 and 100

March 13
Host Club Giveaway 82
Conan's Clues 186

March 14
traded potato09 for cola02 with scaleless
Ansem's Player Report 24

March 15
Seiyuu Guess 161
Seiyuu Guess 160

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October 17

Given candy to poland, karayan, swagu, estamir, maesterlicious, fall, truebluespark, rubatosis, psithurism, inarticulate, singingtomysoul, painter, prisma, hamiltonian, oriaon, and tempestuously (Total: 16)

Received candy from:
GREEN: necrohol, anruik, prisma, zhopa (Total: 4)
BLUE: psithurism (Total: 1)
PURPLE: poland (Total: 1)
GREY: empanandas, nidoking, rubatosis, singingtomysoul, oriaon, estamir (Total: 6)
BROWN: maesterlicious, acperience, hamiltonian, anotherheaven (Total: 4)

October 18
Given candy to casualty, kues, ceesoo, namikala, netbug009, ivoryandhorn, zhopa, whatevs, fuselage (Total: 25)

Received candy from:
GREEN: ivoryandhorn, accelerator, anesidorian (Total: 7)
BROWN: hyoga, ceesoo (Total: 5)
GREY: approvoiser (Total: 7)
RED: beccastareyes (Total: 1)

October 19
Given candy to chincilla, oktarose, anotherheaven, anruik (Total: 29)

Received candy from:
GREEN: reneetwist (Total: 8)

October 20
Given candy to miyoungie, harmonium, muchourin (Total: 32)

Received candy from:
BROWN: muchourin (Total: 6)
GREY: ets (Total: 8)

October 21
Given candy to syodii and harukami (Total: 34)

Received candy from:
GREEN: citoyenne (Total: 9)

October 22
Given candy to oniclaws, heartbeams, awestriker, adurotum, reneetwist, arilyn9 (Total: 40)

Received candy from:
BROWN: octillerys (Total: 7)
GREY: totling (Total: 9)
PURPLE: Guess the Color 140 (Total: 2)

October 23
Given candy to mllelaurel (Total: 41)

Received candy from:
ORANGE: painter, surskit, cautiousardent, tragedy, fall, hoppip (Total: 6)
YELLOW: phibby (Total: 1)
PURPLE: venicism (Total: 3)

October 24
Given candy to: balan (Total: 42)

Received candy from:
PURPLE: beato, miha, triacedia, teto, harmonium, nyxnoxbox (Total: 6)
YELLOW: harukami, gammacrank, mllelaurel (Total: 4)
ORANGE: aaveplsgo, oktarose, malediction, despedia (Total: 10)
GREEN: Naze's Remodeling Station 02 (Total: 10)

October 25
Given candy to: beccastareyes (Total: 43)

Received candy from:
YELLOW: oniclaws, ixionesis, swagu (Total: 7)
PURPLE: whatevs, Shadow Watching With Shikamaru (Total: 8)
GREY: Kazuya's Combo Breaker (Total: 10)

October 26
Given candy to: triacedia (Total: 44)

Received candy from:
ORANGE: corinthian (Total: 11)
BROWN: Kyuubey's Information Exchange 59 (Total: 8)

October 27
Given candy to: bringthefate, citoyenne (Total: 46)

Received candy from:
PURPLE: namikala, Delete Shiritori with Medaka 04, Crazy Colors 55 (Total: 11)
ORANGE: bringthefate (Total: 12)
YELLOW: karayan (Total: 8)
GREEN: Crazy Colors 55 (Total: 11)

October 28
Total: approvoiser (Total: 47)

Received candy from:
YELLOW: puppydere (Total: 9)
BROWN: granada (Total: 8)

October 29
Received candy from:
YELLOW: arilyn9 (Total: 10)

October 31
Given candy to: magaru, puppydere, granada, corinthian, ixionesis, nyxnoxbox, malediction, teto, aaveplsgo (Total: 56)

Received candy from:
BROWN: magaru (Total: 9)

November 2
Received candy from:
YELLOW: secretambition (Total: 11)

November 3
Given candy to venicism, moon_wolf, lihanortti (Total: 59)

Received candy from:
RED: Crazy Colors 55 (Total: 2)

November 4
Given candy to glossological (Total: 60)

Received candy from:
GREY: Delete Shiritori with Medaka 05 (Total: 11)
PURPLE: Spare Parts 131 (Total: 12)

November 11
Given candy to anita, byakkun, ritornello, bridgitkiido, gon, stag, empanadas, atashi, dialny, commandant, ets, secretambition, unlocks, nidoking, surskit, yoonghwa, rujubee, ouo, hyoga, kippi (Total: 80)

Received candy from
YELLOW: Graffiti 61 (Total: 12)
RED: yoonghwa (Total: 3)
PURPLE: Kyuubey's Information Exchange (Total: 13)

Totals: (bold pending exchange)
Purple = 9 
Brown = 9
Orange = 12
Green = 11 (9 pending)
Blue = 1

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To receive candy, just comment! My candy color is YELLOW

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I haven't been on DW in a while, so here's the rundown of my life since I was last here even though it wasn't exciting
  • had a birthday back on October 2nd. I'm now 24 and old as hell
  • got into a relationship with one of my friends and he's terrible at it and I'm probably breaking up with him tonight
  • spending all my time on twitter because I have nothing else better to do when I'm at home
  • somehow became this hardcore gamer and flying through games probably because I have nothing else better to do and I'm lonely
  • trying to find a roommate so I can move out of my parents' house
  • about to start paying back student loans for a degree I never finished because I didn't want it in the first place

ha all this sounds really negative and to be honest, I have been feeling pretty negative over the past few months while trying to figure out my job situation. But to be honest, I'm pretty happy right now. Turning another year older has made me realize how fortunate I really am. Sure, my life isn't going the way I wanted it to, but I think pretty much everyone can say that. Sure, there are a lot of things I wish I could change, but I can't. So having the problems I have and being given what I was given, I'm making the best of it. And there is a reason why my icon is what it is. It's my favorite icon in the entire world and it reminds me of what I should do every day that I am here. So that is what the hell I am going to do. SMILE :)

With that being said, if you don't follow me on twitter, you should. I'm @molestable and I use twitter a lot. Also, I have been seeing this a lot over the past 2-3 days so I guess it's that time of year, if anyone would like to be texting buddies, I'm totally down. Just shoot me a PM. I have WhatsApp and general unlimited texting because...I love texting people lol don't judge me!

That's all I guess. Heading off to work so later lovers o/
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 used 8/8 times
 used 4/5 times

September 5 2013
Received Izanagi 01, Izanagi10, Blue Moon 06, Judgment 04, Kansai 05, Memories 12, Silver Knife 11, Ruby09, Friends03, and Van 13 from Starter Pack
Received Right Eye 07, Kaijou 13, F4 20, Undying 03, Dead Center 17, Flowery 19, Home 12, Krita-Yuga 12, and Sinnoh 09 from August Deck Release
September 6 2013
Traded DeadCenter 17 for Conquer 09 with oktarose
September 9, 2013
Traded Home12 for Kali-Yuga11 with estamir
Traded Kaijou13 for Hadouken03 with cautiousardent

September 10, 2013
Received President10, President11, President13, Reliable09, Spear06 and Archery09 from Recycled Art
Received Dollmaster20, Tsunderes10, Samezuka04, Remaining03, Sacrifice03, Rabbit Ears06, Disaresta12, Acchan11, and Backstroke04 from September Deck Release
Traded Dollmaster20 for Hadouken11 with namikala
Traded Samezuka04 for Cabbage14 with hoppip 
Traded remaining03 for Celestial19 with fall
Traded sacrifice03 for Yankee14 with fall
Traded rabbitears06 for Izanagi02f rogberri 
Traded disaresta12 for Chef01 with awestriker 
Traded Friends03 for Salamander13 with prisma
Traded acchan11 for Big Kitty 11 with laurant
 Traded backstroke04 for Izanagi18 with tragedy 
Traded Flowery19 or Salamander18 with lyrael

September 11, 2013
Received Bullfighter01, Tianzi09, X-Scissor09 from Isaac's and Miria's Costume Party 160-161
September 13, 2013
Traded Ruby09 for Nitro02 with lluvia
Received Yo-Yo03, Laevatein20, Asset06, Yoga03 from Conan's Clues 160-161
Traded X-Scissors09 for Glare01 with surskit
Received Hoihoi19, Minami11, and Killerbee11 from Scrapbook 71
Traded Minami11 for Conquer17 with prisma

September 15
Traded Retto14 for Nitro18 with swagu
Received Hunt14, Eighth10, and Orojya08 from Seiyuu Guess 136

September 16
Traded Eigth10 for Kali-Yuga12 with netbug009

September 17
Received President17 from dialny
Received Titania03 from prisma
Received Glare20 from psithurism
Received Kali-Yuga07 from empanadas
Traded Tianzi09 for Cabbage01 with darjeeling
Received Blades15, Head Bulter01, Joker11, Kape15, Nitro13, and Technician04 from Recycled Art

September 18
Received Celestial18 and traded Kali-Yuga13 for Right Eye07 with commandent
Received Dice08, Rebel10, and Code04 17 from Isaac and Miria's Costume Party 162
Received Leasing07, Junes06, Faint Attack05, Odyssey12, and a yellow crayon from Beauty Pageant 67

September 20
Received Asset16 from nyxnoxbox
Received Naska02 from anruik
Received Nitro01 from oktarose

September 21
Received Bicycle05 and Ramen08 from Host Club Giveaway 71
(first sketchpad) 20. Traded Hoihoi19 for HRE03 with wingeddreams
Traded Faint Attack05 for Salamander08 with dialny

September 25
Traded Celestial04 for Bicycle05 with prisma
Gifted Junes06 to illuminatesound
Gifted Judgment04 for atoli
Gifted Junes06 for darjeeling
Received Triad03 and Phones12 from Pokeradar 162
Received Musubi13, Chiropteran15. Kiseru19 from Conan's Clues 162

September 27
Traded Hoihoi19 for HRE01 with wingeddreams
Received Scan03, Strip08, and a green crayon from Sketchpad turn-in
Traded Musubi13 for Strip10 with estamir

September 29
Received Friendly10, Kape18, Lost09, Moonwalker17, Prediction09, Steam18 from Recycled Art

October 1
Traded Octal15 for Nitro09 with rubatosis 
Traded Compass04 for Titania14 with beccastareyes 
Traded Ladybug00 for Zeref01 with moon_wolf 
Traded Piercing20 for Zeref13 with adurotum 
Traded Dead11 for Celestial12 with karayan 
Traded Ladybug17 for Titania07 with temptestuously 
10. Traded --- for Salamander20 with frogberri [pending]
 Traded Doghouse16 for Strip04 with venicism 
Traded Laevatein20 for Conquer20 with beccastareyes
Traded Big Kitty11 and Phones12 for Old19 and Cuter12 with anruik

Received America14, Powerful20, Victory02, Wild10, Fist of Love13, and Promiscuous07 from Coloring Book 59
Received Linda05, Flamboyant06, and Immigrant08 from Crazy Colors 51

October 2
Received Otoko06, Cat05, Janken11 from Seiyuu Guess 138
Traded Indian08 for Salamander04 with swagu
Received Shinigami11, Assistant16, Four11, Ichor14, Ugly13, Gravity14, Villain04, Hotheaded18, Floating19 from Pot of Gold 34.5
Received Foreigner20, Ace Pilot03, Lie05, Poison14 from Reading Between the Lines 77
Received Netherworld17, Cyborg01, Strip01, and a grey crayon from obtaining Level Orange
Received Germany06, HRE07, Psyqualia02, Veno02 from Miria and Isaac's Costume Party 164
Traded Psyqualia07 for Strip14 with psithurism
Traded Poison14 for Strip07 with poland

October 3
Received Vixen02, Expelled14, Survivor18, Wired06, Shouryuu Ha16 from Conan's Clues 163+164
Received Dunceney20, Blacksmith18, Trance19, Melons07 from Neku's Music Station 162
Traded Undying03 for Skeleton04 with maesterlicious
October 4
traded Academy13 for Deer13 with lanvaldear
traded Netherworld17 and Tsunderes10 for Tachikaze07 and Yoga20 with kues
(sketchpad 2) 20. Traded Villain04 for Celestial17 with oktarose
Traded four11 for Izanagi08 with gammacrank

October 6
Received Alexandria08, Apothecary18, Break05, Devoted04, Knotroot07 and Spare Parts 127
 Traded Chef01 for Lily15 with heartbeams
Traded Alexandria08 for Cabbage13 with prisma
Received Adonis11 and Darkness18 from Ryoga's Directions 73
Traded victory02 for celestial02 with beccastareyes

October 7
received blue crayon from Coloring Book 59
traded Linda05 for Brave09 with laurant
traded grey crayon for a yellow one with chinchilla
traded Old19 and Ugly13 for Skeleton08 and Sky Dragon01 with oriaon
traded Floating19 and Expelled14 for Conquer02 and Hadouken01 with needles
traded Hotheaded18 and Memories12 for Yoga16 and Photographs17 with rubatosis

traded a green crayon for a yellow crayon with arwentyan
traded scan03 for celestial03 with painter
traded blacksmith18 for hadouken06 with ankari
traded surivivor18 for celestial19 with hamiltonian
traded melons07 for president14 with atashi

October 8
received chozo06, dachshund12, airhead01, wing16, osuwari16, scythe13, frutist11, capsule17, kattobing17, gamuza17, and a grey crayon from Reading Between the Lines 78
received useless01 and loveless03 from Host Club Giveaway
received Woodpecker 01-03, 06, 09, 16 from Recycled Art
traded kattobing17 for sakanade14 with prisma
traded scythe13 for kali-yuga14 with nyxnoxbox

October 9
received ossan19, anive02, pink bow 13, love queen18 from Beauty Pageant 68
received maou kyuu06 and hikikomori01 and a grey crayon from sketchpad turn in
traded affair07 for theater06 with singingtomysoul
received cyborg idol06, entrails05, hollywood14 and tamer06 from Pokeradar 164

October 10
received composure04, adonis15, blood04, subordinate03, kyudo19 and etoile20 from Kyuubey's Information Exchange
traded gamuza17 and killerbee11 for asset13 and skeleton02 with makoto666

October 13
received tabris04, inadequate10, and darktailor05 from Seiyuu Guess 139
received kind11, chiropteran08 and marshmallow08 from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 02

October 14
received duality18, binbougami20, six16, nia16, selfish20 from Graffiti 59
traded tabris04 for Sky Dragon18 with harukami
traded selfish20 for Rain12 with stag

October 15
traded cyborgidol16 for ayesir12 with preternatural
(sketchpad 3 -- turned in) 20. traded hunt14 for regulus08 with namikala
traded promiscuous07 for marimo15 with ritornello
received machine gun12 and pms09 from Crazy Colors 53
received gnaw13, diamond04, mochi14, big10, hoenn01 from Naze Remodeling Station 01

October 16
received Celestial05, Celestial10, Celestial15, Woodpecker03, Woodpecker04 from crayon turn in
received empres14 and gemmy16 and a purple crayon from sketchpad turn in
traded kind11 for sky dragon11 for hoppip

October 17
received realist20, beloved02, sky walk14 from Conan's Clues 166

October 18
received gekko02, nakai06, salvage09 from Naze's Remodeling Station 01

October 19
received bear slayer19, summon05, boxer06, frigid01, recessive08, patissier15 from Kyuubey's Information Exchange 58

October 20
received lure11 for rain06 from Switch It Up 80
received hornet11, chainsaws02, teikoku18 from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 03
received rhythmia10, aquarium10, nitro12 from Spare Parts 129

October 21
received acrobat04, photographers07, ore-sama02, heaven07, blast11 from Colors Chat #1
received biracial02, odin sword19, celestial01 and a blue crayon from Level Up to Yellow

October 22
traded odin sword19 and skywalk14 for rain03 and nitro20 with despedia
received penguin09, explosives03, varna13, nonexistent09, futari12, forest08, hakuryou03, vermouth15, canaan13, slacker12, and orange crayon from Reading Between the Lines 80
 received 1813, general04, and fulfill06 and purple candy from Guess the Color 140
Received mischief17, kshatriya02 from Art Lessons with Rukia 152
received pillow07, speed20, and pit viper02 from Coloring Book 60
traded a blue and purple crayon for 2 yellow crayons with prisma
traded a orange crayon for a yellow crayon with kuranosuke
traded a blue crayon and realist20 and canaan13 for a yellow crayon and namekian08 with nyxnoxbox
traded old12 and yankee14 for lily16 with anotherheaven
received analyze05, uppercut15, and bite14 with Crazy Colors 54
traded nonexistent09 for cursed seal08 with oktarose
traded varna13 for sisters03 with estamir
traded subordinate03 for nitro20 with beccastareyes
traded trance19 for president09 with truebluespark

October 23
received protector07, uu20, recall05 from Seiyuu Guess 141
received bear cat14 and method02 ffrom Coloring Book 60

October 24
received soft04, watch12, resolve01, operator14, grey and orange crayon from Halloween sketchpad turn-in
received alkahestry08, turkey13, jade17, original11, stronger02, pureblood18 from Beauty Pageant 69
received love06, bossun19, mercurius09, magic cancel17, swordlike18 and green candy from Naze's Remodeling Station 02
traded adonis15, hoenn01 and ichor14 for regulus15, regulus16 and zeref10 with aestivalis

October 25
received grey candy from Kazuya Combo Breaker 3
Received galax20, uncouth20, blue eyes10, kiseru12, odessa12, circle12 and purple from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 140
Traded uu20 for sisters03 with aaveplsgo

October 26
received blessed18, lenu02, sock puppet15, psyqualia09, shark15, kshatriya05 and brown candy from Kyuubey's Information Exchange 59
traded bite14 for cursed seal18 with oktarose

October 27
received raccoon02, nelde06, rebel04, and purple candy from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 04
received Starter09, bluebomber02, fireball08, green candy, purple candy, and orange crayon from Crazy Colors 55
traded  silverknife11, chiropteran15, aquarium10 for celestial06, solidscript15, regulus13 with fuselage
(sketchpad 4) 20. traded Galax20, Photographs07, and Method02 for Lily04, Lily14, and Solid Script13 with psithurism

October 31
received Sadako04, hammer13, march hare05, rush10 from Kazuya's Combo Breaker 04
November 01
Traded aniue02 and general04 for 2 yellow crayons with phibby

November 02
received tears16 , first son16, magician13 from Seiyuu Guess 142
received saturn16, contacts12, undead12 from Naze's Remodeling Station

November 03
received emotions06 and raise14 from Coloring Book 161
traded love queen18 for rain11 with poland
traded lie05, march hare05, turkey13 for namekian01, namekian14, zeref19 with byakkun
traded blue bomber02 for sakanade18 with estamir
received cabbage01, okama15, unchanging10 and red candy from Crazy Colors 56
traded tachikaze07, sakanade14, sakanade18 and boxer06 for Sky Dragon03, Sky Dragon13, Sky Dragon15, and Sky Dragon17 with lanvaldear
traded cabbage01 for regulus06 with lanvaldear

traded contacts02, gero19, ossan19 for namekian05, namekian16, and president03 with needles
 traded bossun19, frigid01, frigid15, 
otoko15, six16, patissier15 for president07, solid script08, titania19, regulus02, regulus19, and strip02 with moon_wolf
20. traded mischief17 for krita-yuga17 with moon_wolf
=end of sketchpad 5=
received Celestial16, Celestial20 from crayon turn-in

November 04
received five19, sullen10, rain20, and orange crayon from Celestial Mastery
received red comet14, chivalry07, and IPC19 and grey candy from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 05
received ability18, immortal09, precise03, indra06 and purple candy from Spare Parts 131
traded vermouth15 for president19 with anesidorian
traded starter09 for sexta17 with preternatural
received Conquer11, Cola16 and Cola17 from miha
received Aye Sir12, Sensible20, Sky Dragon20 and a grey crayon from Level Up to Green
received 098812, surpass19, center16, gears02, purple crayon and red crayon from sketchpad turn in
received snow fairy01, barrier12, parallel01, keyhole12 and a blue candy from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 06
traded pureblood18 for rain13 with tempestuously
traded ore-sama02 for ayesir06 with kuranosuke

November 05
received miko13, eggs14, samurai cat16, drinking12, ray of hope03, jewel20, wind dance10, morning15, commandant03, romeo06, and a green crayon from Reading Between the Lines 82
received dum01, sorcerer18, juneau16, and orange candy from Guess the Color 142
traded ray of hope03 for cola12 with acperience
traded maouryuu06 for salamander16 with inarticulate

November 07
received black haru08, abel19, disarm14, misandry03, and green candy from Isaac's and Miria's Costume Party 169
received lucky stars06, unorthodox16, and vigilante07 from Host Club Giveaway 73
received octavia08, hysteria15, perm07, gigant08, rubber13 from Naze's Remodeling Station 03

November 8
received Selece18, HRE15, Research17 and Promiscuous02 from Ansem's Player Report 06
received knit06, zwei01, ballerina01, spirit magic16 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 142
Traded indra06, protector07, slacker12 for Skeleton20, oolong05, games15 with harukami
traded spirit magic16 and sullen10 for hostess06 and caring03 with nyxnoxbox

November 10
received sensible03, tortured16, yeast19 from Seiyuu Guess 143
received march hare13, deities09, rosary16, domination14 from Spare Parts 132
received bad luck09, puppeteer19, fire truck07, tiger01, centurio05 from Colors Chat 02
received cuteness06, lupan18, respected16 from Crazy Colors 57

November 11
received genius06, tuna12, nyo20 and a green crayon from October Release Birthday
received void gear01, samekh17, spaz06, fist type13 from Graffiti 61
traded handshake02 for Castle18 with estamir 
traded Tari16 for Salamander01 with nidoking 
traded Perceptive11 for Strip17 with magaru 
traded VeryCute02 for Castle01 with heartbeams 
traded Hawkeye15 for Kali-Yuga19 with stag 
traded Redscarf05 for Sakanade01 with karayan 
traded Riskbreaker09  for Skeleton14 with karayan 
traded Close16 for Titania08 with apprivoiser 
traded Lastation11 for Titania13 with magaru 
=end of sketchpad 6=
traded Hug16 for Solid Script05 with heartbeams 
traded fisttype13 for lotus01 with harukami

November 12
received twirl06, focused11, electrifying09, and harp note08 from Guess the Color 143
received unruly09 and samezuka17 and blue crayon from sketchpad turn in
received stronger08, liar15, ice car11, and unicorn16 from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 07
received Cursed Seal06, Cursed Seal09, Cursed Seal14, Deer15, Deer18, Dark Angel13 from Recycled Art
received linda05, spaz01, sign04, unlucky13, not lost15 from Reading Between the Lines 83
received blood devil11 from Coloring Book 61

November 15
received devoted02, sky walk03, anko09, brown16, backlace03, spunquel19 from Beauty Pageant 70
received copying19, protective01, wormhole17, mochi17, praetor15, iron heart15 from Pick a Color 80
received yo-yo02, sociopath02 and a red candy from Art Lessons with Rukia 153
traded spunquel19 for Zeref03 with aceperience

November 16
traded sigmund01, stronger20, void gear01 for Mayonnaise02, Mayonnaise05 and Transform07 with chinchilla

November 17
traded gigant08, jade17, skywalk03, and teikoku18 for nitro10, yoga18, deer14 and kali-yuga18 with despedia
traded ironheart15, samezuka17 for hadouken16, perm18 with painter
traded unlucky13 for kali-yuga004 with fall

November 18
received blindfold11, steward14, korobokkuru12, alkahestry19 from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 08

November 19
received restoration08, mutt19, and satisfaction from Crazy Colors 58
November 20
traded Commandant03 for aye sir04 with commandant
received falena02 and vjedogonian01, and blue crayon from sketchpad turn in

November 21
received reyn time06, the brain06, ice blue06, hatchin15, bubble beam01, repair18, cross06, cigarettes05, truth11, eighth01, vincent11, hymmeli07, seventeen18, pawpad01, safety01, kattobing12, north italy15, heroes14, seashells18, sukonbu07, 75th10, novice11, hamelin12 from Pot of Gold 35
received small02, akagami11, aye sir03, Host Club Giveaway 71
received spider07, hatter09, amati16, quotes17, misguided09
received haunt13, money07, salamander03, purple crayon from Level Up Blue
 received horoscope19, x-scissor15, sparrow06, basketballs15, hebihime03, amahara16 from Beauty Pageant 71
traded tuna12 for woodpecker18 with poland
traded  emotions06, alkahestry08, alkahestry19, blackharu08 for zeref06, neko-neko08, nitro08, mayonnaise01 with oriaon
traded magiccancel17 for hadouken04 with totling
=end of sketchpad 7=
traded uncouth20 for hadouken17 with totling
traded hymmeli07, mutt19, 75th10 for yoga05, krita-yuga07 and conquer07 with laurant
traded swordlike18 for magnet10 with zhopa
traded a purple crayon for a blue crayon with swagu
traded hikomori01 for Salamander02 with ixionesis
traded 2 grey crayons for 2 blue crayons with chinchilla
traded an orange crayon for a blue crayon with netbug009
traded a green crayon for a blue crayon with kuranosuke

November 22
traded lotus01, sadako04, and truth11, saturn16 and unchanging10 for cola14, cursed seal07, strip18, mayonnaise07 and room08 with rubatosis
traded explosives03 and tortured10 for hadouken02 and zeref18 with oktarose
traded center16 for deer08 with preternatural

November 23
 received wild lion08, white mage13 for Help Miss Kamila 08
traded x-scissor15 for rubber18 with miyoungie
traded misguided09 for rubber12 with fall

November 24
received white rabbit09, gemmy02, athlum07 from Crazy Colors 59

November 25
received transfer16, cr-s0115, identity15, binbougami18 from Spare Parts 134
received seconds18, aresheis15, faithful04, messenger17, rhythmic20 from Colors Chat 03
traded notlost15, watch12 for bomb20 and mayonnaise12 with inarticulate

November 26
traded eggs14 for deer17 with phibby
=end of sketchpad 8=
gekko02, morning15, makai06, and safety01 for deer08, skydragon10, regulus20, and cursedseal04 with phibby

November 28
traded bubblebeam01 for cursed seal01 with dialny

November 29
received undead03, loli shota09, maurou12, photographs06, wizard20, mjolnir16 from Conan's Clues 167
received knight-hart15, cheshire05, leap06 from Seiyuu Guess 146
received cellphones20, nag10, protector13 from Guess the Color 145
traded magician13 and samekh17 for krita-yuga14 and bomb09 with empanadas

November 30
traded parallel01 for lily01 with swagu
traded falena02 for transform02 with triacedia

December 02
traded copying19, horoscope19, seashells18, vigilante07 for hebihime18, sexta10, sexta15, zeref16 with adurotum
traded pit viper02 for salamander09 with triacedia

December 03
traded recall05 for perm10 with furfrou
received supermodel07, beli20, nyan17, and 2 orange crayons from sketchpad turn in

December 04
traded supermodel07 for skeleton10 with hoppip
received black mage19, mjolnir20, tomochi17 from Crazy Colors 60

December 05
traded chivalry07, firstson16, focused11, hatter09, for magnet06, master09, namekian17, neko neko09 with fall
=end of sketchpad 9=
traded jewel20 for titania02 with fall
traded pharaoh13 for cursed seal15 with hamiltonian

December 06
traded izanagi01,
 izanagi02, izanagi08, izanagi10, izanagi18, octava08, hornet11 for Bomb01, Bomb03, Champloo20, Liar16, Morning20, Sensor13, and Sommelier03 with lanvaldear
received confident13, cards03, daifuku08, faint19 from Ansem's Player Report 10
received hell12, 72 pillers16, crossdress11 from Conan's Clues 172
traded chesire05 for perm08 with apprivoiser
traded unruly09 for president15 with anruik
traded castle18 and flamboyant06 for deer07 and rubber04 with truebluespark
traded puppeteer09 for blue eyes03 with preternatural
traded blessed18, eigthth01, love06, blackmage19 for zeref09, skeleton16, magnet14, neko-neko16 with beccastareyes
received poison10, serenade03, nakochi08 from Crazy Colors 60
received elena16, rosewater09, titania01, and a grey crayon from Level Up to Purple
received tackle12, figurine20, 192cm01, hungry17, stealth04, tartarus15, withdrawn10, obsessed10, western13, british01, and a yellow crayon from Reading Between the Lines 86
received gravekeeper10, maurou10, tami-ya16 from Crazy Colors 61

December 07
received frigid16, sensible01, curry udon14, yosuga01 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 146
received seth03, coo01, hazard06, author11, megaten11 from Naze's Remodeling Station 05
received taforashia19, genesis16, octava09 from Crazy Colors 61
traded octava09 for rubber15 with lanvaldear
traded spider07 for kali-yuga17 with harukami
=end of sketchpad 10=
received bleep04 and grappler10 from Coloring Book 63
received aokiji09 from netbug009
received Collector20 and moirae20 from Advent Calendar 06
received conquer14, dense01, earphones09, firetruck05, regulus12, and transform01 from Recycled Art
received mizoku18, autozam08, prithivi18, innuendos11, drossel04, cards16, endoscopy13, quack14, chu-hi17, outcast17, fortissimo17, nephew13, reader17 from Pot of Gold 36
traded castle01 and tiger01 for Bomb14 and Sexta15 with gilbo
received dogs10, elite14, exactly05, flamingo15, gnaw13, and heybo19 from Recycled Art

December 08
received Magnet 03, 04, 11, 12, 13, Marimo16, 17, 18, Rubber11, Hebihime17, Collector17, 18, Sky Dragon11, 14, 19, Cursed Seal05, President 20 from crayon turn in
traded tackle12 for gorilla08 with dialny
traded mochi17 for neko-neko18 with despedia
received padlock03, weasel12, eccentric04, isolated14, millenium05, academy13, galaxian19, and servant01 from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 10
received yankee08 and straylize13 from Help Miss Kamila 10
received ace15, fuukan20, frog02, observing06 from Spare Parts 136
traded athlum15 and faithful04 for Sky Dragon06 and Conquer15 with byakkun
traded isolated11 for titania17 with oriaon
traded ace15 for rubber07 with stag

December 09
traded innuendos11 for room06 with scaleless
received shakguan17, craftsman02, cure happy07, star dragon19, noda15 from Colors Chat 04
received roodbearer02 from Advent Calendar 05
received Magnet17, 18, 20, Hebihime02, 04, Deer19, 20, Marimo07, 08, 09 from Glorious Green Candy turn in

December 10
traded bar12 for titania06 with adurotum
traded roodbearer18 for rain05 with harukami
traded dreamdiary08 for a blue crayon with karayan
traded chessboard03 for a blue crayon with preternatural
traded dreamer04 for cursed seal17 with prisma
traded deadly14 for Strip03 with apprivoiser
traded coexistence17 for Zeref15 with tempestuously
traded scepter409 for rubber20 with anruik
traded laurant07 for rain10 with apprivoiser
traded devilbats06 for regulus09 with scaleless

December 11
received guchu11 from Coloring Book 63
traded 72pillars16 and reader17 for sexta08 and namekian02 with fall
received amnesiac08, unborn15, mamushi06 from Guess the Color 147
received heal16, host03, pigeons01, nervous16, beat jumper19, very cute12 from Kyuubey's Information Exhange 62
received pipito05, boke01, and zanbatou11 from Advent Calendar 11
received belarus04, sew12, stealing12, china01 from Isaac and Miria's Costume Party 174
traded biracial02 for Regulus04 with admiral
=end of sketchpad 11=
traded zanbatou11 and blond devil11 for Regulus07, Rubber08 with admiral
traded apothecary18, exorcise17, and precise03 for Skeleton09, Skeleton18, and Krita-Yuga11 with naoto
traded roodbearer02 for rain10 with harukami
traded 3 yellow crayons, grey crayon, and orange crayon for 5 blue crayons with admiral
traded observing06, drossel04, quotes17, resolve01, sensible01, sensible03 and respected16 for Strip15, Aye Sir02, Conquer12, Kali-Yuga06, Namekian03, Nitro16 and Woodpecker07 with admiral

December 12
received Sky Dragon07, Left01, Remaining07, yellow crayon from level up to brown
received nanyatte19, ice queen17, hyakume19, psyqualia14, naive19, tomb18, fierce16, riskbreaker05, moonwalker09, record05, subordinate15, breaker08, blue crayon, orange crayon, grey crayon, and 3 yellow crayons from sketchpad turn in
received Regulus05, Regulus10, Regulus11, Sky Dragon02, Sky Dragon04, Sky Dragon05, Sky Dragon08, Sky Dragon09 from crayon turn in

December 13
 received background06, savior19, psyqualia04, lively11, citro04, lowee06 from Beauty Pageant 72

December 14
received ace pilot02, fashion20, brain08, akizora06, salamander06, salamander07, grey crayon and blue crayon from Regulus and Sky Dragon mastery

December 15
received hyourinmaru16, kicking01, frying pan09 from Naze's Remodeling Station 05
received conquerer17, infant13, blue eyes14 from Crazy Colors 62
received knotroot18, sweet08, electricity15 from Pokeradar 171
received euphoria10, intuition08, steward08, tertium06 from Acrostic Trading Post 10
traded brain06 for president12 with secretambition
received needles04, stapler19, ugly14 from netbug009

December 16
traded ability18 for transform06 with surskit
received cynical12, president05, rain16, rain17, yoga19, master11 from Recycled Art
received crybaby16, whisker19, manga06 from Guess the Color 148
traded ballerina01, IPC19, psyqualia04, miko13, needles04 for Conquer13, Iron Dragon06, Magnet01, Vengeance14, Vengeance15 with hyoga

December 17
received no heart07, holy bell18, shujin11, bored17, desudayo06 from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 11
received pro13, abyss03, poison ivy06, india17, f420, irises06, sakanade07, ng records14, earphones16, pherae07 from Delete Shiritori with Medaka 12
= end of sketchpad 12 =
traded noda15 for guardian02 with swagu
 received suave18, virtual05, 75th18, otome road15, final turn13, ne shitteru19, foreigner03, coolene04, heichou12, trigger06, hearts12, thunderbolt11, dealer07, assassin08, angra01, inside10, curry15, doujin09, bon18, precepts01, blue crayon, green crayon from Reading Between the Lines 88
traded amahara16 and hysteria15 for master19 and mayonnaise14 with citoyenne
traded vixen02 and confident13 for equation16 and rain05 with acperience
traded Binbougami18 and Binbougami20 for bomb18 and mayonnaise06 with needles

traded a blue crayon for a red crayon with scaleless
traded fashion20, heal16, holybell18, record05 for Dead Center17, Economics04, Norway10, Steward09 with laurant
traded servant01 and whitemage13 for Sharingan01 and Recall01 with rubatosis
traded cards03, cards16, desudayo06, nyan17, stapler19 for hebihime20, master20, Bonds02, Resemblance10, Piercings06 with kues
traded research17 and satisfaction10 for Magnet05 and Solid Script07 with prisma
= end of sketchpad 13 =
traded bleep04 for titania18 with hoppip
 traded cure happy07 for Iron Dragon08 with hoppip

December 18
traded lolishota06, elite14 for mayonnaise14 and master01 with poland
received catalyst11, worldchain17, and salamander10 from level up to grey
 received citro10, world10, data18 from Advent Calendar 03
traded left01 and marshmallow08 for Skeleton07 and Room01 with oktarose

December 19
received baseball01, mythical17, flame17 from Host Club Giveaway 76
received okikurimi20, honoo06, tianzi08, panda05, latvia02, one05, toilet02, toilet14, 2 grey crayons, 1 red crayon, 1 green crayon from sketchpad turn in
traded very cute12 for exactly06 with jaehwany

December 20
received magnet15, shonichi20, mirakurun19, brown crayon for Salamander mastery
traded fresh green03 for solid script16 with heartbeams
received abandon07, effort09, avenge19, desudayo14 from Isaac and Miria's Costume Party 175
received tri-edge08, chain02, fresh green03 from Seiyuu Guess 148

December 21
traded coo01 and protector13 for strip05 and magnet07 with mllelaurel
December 22
received genbu19, nightshade08, grand09, massacre14 and insight12 from Naze's Remodeling Station 06
received Titania04, 05, 09, Marimo01, 02, 03, president16, cursed seal02, 11 from crayon turn in

December 23
received bounty03, toy boat17, final turn02, fireball06 from Spare Parts 138
received wicked eye02, wanderer11, kou13 from Seiyuu Guess 149
received aokiji13 and dee19 from Kiss the Cook 5

December 24
traded capsule17, haunt13, twirl06, serenade03, wild lion08, yeast19,  blades15, cellphones20, eccentric14, hamelin12 for solid script02, nitro05, nitro07, nitro14, hebihime14, president06, master10, neko neko17, vengeance18, and yoga06 for magaru
received second life13 from Advent Calendar 18
= end of sketchpad 14 =

December 25
received suzaku07 and wushu13 from Advent Calendar 21
received dynamite13, kora01, and imposters08 from Guess the Color 149
received traveler07, agent06, punishment16, and seahorse04 from Beauty Pageant 73

December 27
received medicans01, crescent05, ruler15, and nitro20 from Ansem's Player Report 13
received egoist02, peacekeeper12, gamer05 from Conan's Clues 175

December 28
received integrity14, zero12, funeral08 from Pick a Color 82
received buddhism18, dyaus19, jkd12 from Seiyuu Guess 150

December 30
received antares18, galaxian06, ak field20, mask12 from Shadow Watching with Shikamaru 149
December 31
received sadist20, sorcerer06, lilac01 from Guess the Color 150
received bonds13, chef05, chuu13, chuu20, witness08, witness09 from Recycled Art
received hypnosis14, naught01, backstroke07, iaidou14, sopheria19, yoga10, mineral16, legal19, sketchbook03, territory07, channel11, yggdrasil13, talking13, aries06, masked06, tsukihime03, servbots03, recruit04, repair02, performer02, green crayon and purple crayon from Reading Between the Lines 90
Level Up Strawberry

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Apr. 28th, 2013 03:28 pm
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I feel like I haven't been completely....present lately. Like I'm walking around and going through the motions without any real purpose. I guess I feel lost, to sum it all up. 

I launched my scanlation group...it's a lot of damn work. We need another translator though and they are hard as crap to find. I mean, SERIOUSLY.

I've been playing GTA IV and it's so much fun.

I had a whole update planned out to write but I don't feel like it anymore. I'm on my second period this month and I'm not down with all the complaining that I was about to do. I'm so over everything that I'm just going to let all of it go. Whatever. I hope all of you are well. If you know anyone who would be able to translate J - E, send them my wayyyyysdkfjdflksj bye o/

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This has nothing to do with anything in this post, but pecan pie is officially our state pie. Go Texas! I am really excited about this.

Anyway, I've been working hard on getting Rocking Horse Scans going. I just got a new layout for the site last night and I love it. You can check it out here. I kinda want to change the color but my initial reaction when I saw the green made me get it immediately. Maybe I should keep it. But then I kinda wanna change it....I don't know! What do yall think?

I was able to find a translator too! FINALLY. I REALLY wanted 2, but I surely can't be choosy because it took forever for me to find this one. So now I'm cleaning pages and waiting for the draft so I can typeset them. It's a lot of work but it will be worth it when I can help other people from raging at unfinished manga to finally being able to finish it. We are doing XBlade first since it's almost done. The sequel is already out but the original hasn't been finished scanlating. Really :|

Other than that, I've just been working and getting upset at people getting promoted who don't deserve it. That's tons of fun to see. I'm not going to go into that again but it surely gives me a "I don't give a fuck anymore" attitude at work. Whatever.

I hope all of yall are doing well. Here's hoping that April is a good month for all of us :)

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We can all use new friends going into spring! Use the template to make your post, comment on others, make friends! Enjoy :)

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So, it looks like my schedule has cleared up significantly. I'm not going to school anymore. I've been gone from DW, Diadem, Plurk (kinda, I froze my karma)....lots of things because school and work took up all my time. But I had my last and final breakdown regarding classes when I told my mom that I didn't want to go anymore. It was really hard to tell her that and I was crying and everything...but I knew I had to do it. I don't want to write a wall of text explaining why it came to this, but when there's a lot of pressure put on you from your parents, siblings, peers, and yourself, it takes a toll. The pressure and then the lack of verbal support and encouragement puts thoughts in your head that maybe you can't do it. I know it sounds lame but just having someone tell you that you can overcome this degree and get it and that you are smart enough makes a big difference over never hearing it. Even if they believe it, sometimes you need to hear it. But whatever, that's that. I feel terrible but liberated at the same time. I think taking this break until I figure stuff out is the best thing I can possibly do right now.

Enough of that shit. I am attempting to re-launch my scanlation group, but of course I need a translator and it's hard as fuck to find one. I would join one but most groups do shoujo and I don't read that. I can find raws, clean, typeset, and QC but all I need is a fucking translator. This is killing me right now and it's not cool. But the second I find one, I'll be in business and finally I can scanlate shounen series that people have abandoned. Crossing my fingers!

Lastly, I'll be posting a friending meme today because I'm tired of just adding people like a damn creeper. We need friending memes! So I'll code one and put it up today. Make sure to whore it out so we can all make some new peeps! Yes yes? Cool. Later lovers
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Not gonna lie, I've missed DW. Everyone seems so much more relaxed here than they ever were on LJ...or maybe I'm just following cooler people. I dunno.

School is balls. I overslept and missed a test this morning that I spent all day and night studying for. That was fun. I'm supposed to be studying for my calculus test tomorrow but I'm here. You can tell I learned my lesson, right?

I really want to get back into a fandom...but I want to pick something that other people are actually in. The stuff I end up reading have really small fandoms and it's not much fun when you want to talk about it with somebody.  Does anybody have any suggestions? 

Lately I've been hanging tough with some people that I work with and it feels nice to be around girls again. Hanging out with guys all the time was not much fun for me. But hey, I'm going out on a date with one of them next week so it wasn't all bad, right? 

I think that was all I wanted to say that had any relevance to anything. I'll try to keep posting here (even though I say that a lot). I hope everyone is doing well! Later loves <3
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I was going to write this giant wall of text but I didn't want to bore all of you with my problems. To cut to the chase, I am ready to graduate college because I am sick of school and I don't have any friends at school because I don't live in campus and half of the students don't really speak english. My former best friend is no longer my best friend (if you can even call her that in the first place), I'm having trouble getting my scanlation group off the ground, and I can't seem to keep a group of friends beyond a few months and it's getting to me.

I don't even know how to feel anymore. I'm not really sad or mad about it...I just feel...blank. I feel nothing.

Today started off so nicely too.
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Sep. 12th, 2012 12:25 pm
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Sometimes I feel like I can be an aggressive person up to a certain point. I can talk to people I don't know all day long and somehow befriend them...but while I consider them to be a friend, I can't do something simple like ask for their number so we can text or something. I find this to be weird...I guess I'm just afraid they'll be all "ew omg no we are not friends what are you talking about" and that would really suck. Damn.

School isn't all that bad right now. This is my moderately easy semester before the shit storm comes next semester. I'm crying already, but not too hard because I can enjoy the free time I have right now. I'm trying to stay current on manga and get some anime out of the way. I'm watching Zombie Loan and I don't really like it that much. But I have 5 episodes left so I'll push through it. Very uninspiring series indeed.

I'm getting back into RP, which is exciting. I haven't done it in over a year so I know I'm going to be rusty as hell, but who cares? This is just for fun anyway so I'm not too worried about it. I can't stand people who take it so seriously. Get over yourselves, really.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about this guy I used to date...we were friends first, then dated, but became great friends after that. I kind of want to suggest getting back together with him...but something tells me that I shouldn't. Now I'm not one to ignore that voice in my head but I really do miss him. I really do. Damn again.

I don't really have much more to say. I guess I'm not really talkative today. Have a good day lovers!

Meme time!

Sep. 8th, 2012 07:20 pm
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 stolen from [personal profile] fiones 

Give me a number (or several) and I will answer the corresponding question(s)

1 - Your current OTP. If you don't have an OTP, one of your favorite characters.
2 - A pairing or fandom you initially didn't consider but someone changed your mind.
3 - A pairing or character you have never liked and probably never will.
4 - A pairing or character you wish you liked but just can't.
5 - Have you added anything stupid/cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?
6 - What's the longest you've ever been in a fandom?
7 - Do you remember your first OTP? If so, who was in it?
8 - Do you prefer characters/pairings from live-action series or anime series?
9 - Has the Internet caused you to stop liking any fandoms? If so, which one(s) and why?
10 - Name a fandom you didn't care/think about until you saw it all over your social network sites.
11 - Do you get involved with fans and fandom? Or do you just focus on the works that you like?
12 - Your favorite fan artist/author allows you to request one work from him/her. What do you ask for?
13 - Your favorite fanart or fan artist. (I'll settle for "one of your favorites.")
14 - Your favorite fanfiction or fan author. (I'll settle for "one of your favorites.")
15 - Choose a song at random. Which character or pairing does it remind you of?
16 - Invent a random AU for any fandom. (We always need more ideas.)
17 - A ship or fandom that you've abandoned, and why.
18 - A pairing you ship that you don't think anyone else ships. (If you don't ship much, then pick a fandom that you love but that you don't think anyone else is aware of. Small fandoms always need more love.)
19 - Show us an example of your personal head canon.
20 - Do you remember what your first fanwork was?
21 - Self-rec: What's your favorite fanwork you've created?
22 - Are you one of those fans who can't watch anything without shipping?
23 - Five favorite characters from five different fandoms.
24 - Three OTPs from three different fandoms. (And if you don't have that many OTPs, then just talk about three pairings that you like in three different fandoms.)
25 - A fandom that you're in but that you have no ships from.
26 - Ask me a fandom-related question NOT listed above.
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This weekend was the best convention of the year, Anime Fest. I would elaborate more but that is not even the focus of this post.

I am happy because I was able to spend time with my sister in a setting that we are both very comfortable with; at a con in cosplay. It just made me think of the old days...back when we used to share a room...before her boyfriend...before I transferred into the university and had labs all the time...back when we could sit down and talk about anime and cosplay face to face instead of over the phone. It really made me realize how much I miss my sister. And I don't mean physically because we don't live far from each other, but I mean...just being around her and talking about stuff that makes us happy. 

At the con, we were actually able to sit down and she could act like herself again. We can't do that around her boyfriend because he doesn't watch anime and he thinks it's "weird" that people cosplay it. And his family doesn't really have any outside friends because they are not social people so if I went over to their house, they would all be there and we couldn't talk about anime anyway. She seemed so happy to be away from them for a weekend and it makes me feel a little sorry for her. But she knows that she can always call me or come over and she can take a second to breathe and get away from them, so that makes it a little better.

I want my sister to get her own place instead of living with her boyfriend so that we can have more "sister time" together and he won't be there. I want us to see each other more, watch stuff together, sew together...just be sisters again. And I'm going to tell her all of this today when I see her. I'm going to walk down to the train station to get her so we can walk back together...just so I can have a few more moments with her before she goes home to him.

Shit when did I start crying
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I have been in a moderately good mood lately, which is surprising because I have a lot of things to be stressed about. But I'm glad that I'm taking all of this with a good attitude because being stressed only makes things worse. School starts back on Monday. My summer vacation was only for 3 weeks but it was awesome. So so awesome. Any break is a good break!

Filming for the "variety show" that I'm involved with starts on Thursday and I'm excited for it. Even though I won't be on camera all that much (or at least I don't think I will be) I am one of the main writers and I'll be on set every day we film. By next week we will have our YouTube account set up and we'll be releasing clips from our first official episode so I'll be posting the vids here. I'm excited for it! We haven't done anything like this in a few years so here's hoping we've only gotten better with time!

Also I haven't really updated my contact info so here it is:

twitter = @carbonyl
plurk = oneeyeddragon << no that's not a dick joke...even though sometimes I like to think it is
instagram (that I started using yesterday) = protonated
skype = deprotonated
AIM/MSN = archbishop9@gmail.com

add me anywhere you want to! Just let me know who you are so I won't be confused and I'll add you back /o/


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